Get Your Advertising Fix
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As much as I like posting advertising news here, I’ve decided to spend more time on Twitter… least for now. See you there!

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The new Drive Sober campaign looks just as artistic as the Seroquel XR commercial.

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Saw in Washington Square Park. Art meets advertising meets religion.

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Unlike any other diaper commercial I’ve ever seen. It reminds me of the bar scene in the movie The Other Guys.

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At first watch, I thought it was a pet food commercial.

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Crash all the light cycles you want, they’re insured.

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General Motors takes the high road in this newest spot.

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Funny promo that aired during SNL last week.

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Rule # 1: Bring your host a nice gift. # 2: Don’t try to kill/eat him.

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Looks like Amex is for Team Coco.